(+254) 0703-742-183 (+254) 0786-576-931 Nairobi, Kenya
(+254) 0703-742-183 (+254) 0786-576-931 Nairobi, Kenya
(+254) 0703-742-183 (+254) 0786-576-931 Nairobi, Kenya
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We consider this our guiding mantra through transparent and honest transactions


Constantly delivering value through our quality service and constant reevaluation to meet your needs


We value relationships and encourage interconnectivity of all Ascendas members.

Ascendas Kenya is an integrated real estate services solution provider. At Ascendas we seek to provide an enabling environment through customized real estate solutions so that you are able to focus on your core business. From office spaces to management of property, agency services, research as well as valuation, we are a one stop shop for it all.

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Earning successful returns on property investment means more than filling space and houses with tenants.

A well maintained and managed property is key to ensuring its marketability and ultimately providing maximum return of investment to its owner.

Accurate and reliable valuations are critical to the success of every real estate investment.

Timely and informed research and analysis is an accepted prerequisite to successful decision making.

Ascendas offices is the best place for “Happy Officing”! People coming together as a community here, will open up new windows of opportunities for you.

Ascendas Offices

A professional corporate image.Come take a tour and see for yourself.


  • The team at InstaOffice is more approachable and quick at work. It is more flexible than some world renowned shared spaces I have worked with in the past.

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