(+254) 0703-742-183 (+254) 0786-576-931 Nairobi, Kenya
(+254) 0703-742-183 (+254) 0786-576-931 Nairobi, Kenya
(+254) 0703-742-183 (+254) 0786-576-931 Nairobi, Kenya
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Ascendas Kenya

In It Together.

Who We Are.

Ascendas Kenya is an integrated real estate services solution provider. At Ascendas we seek to provide an enabling environment through customized real estate solutions so that you are able to focus on your core business. From office spaces to management of property, agency services, research as well as valuation, we are a one stop shop for it all.

We assemble teams of experts who deliver integrated services built on market insight and foresight, sound research and relevant market knowledge.

We attract, develop and reward the best, and most diverse, people in our industry, challenging them to develop enduring client relationships built on quality service, collaboration and trust.

Overarching Vision

To be an internationally recognized real estate services provider and business growth platform for aspiring and established business leaders and game changers in various industries.

Our Values

  • Integrity - We consider this our guiding mantra through transparent and honest transactions
  • Excellence - Constantly delivering value through our quality service and constant reevaluation to meet your needs
  • Respect - At Ascendas, everybody is somebody.
  • Community - We value relationships and encourage interconnectivity of all Ascendas members.

Our Approach.

Thinking beyond Convention.

Each opportunity is different, each client is unique. We examine each challenge from every angle, offering tailored, creative solutions every time. We know that success, for us and our clients, doesn't happen without hard work, energy and determination.
But, how do we achieve the unexpected results beyond our initial goals? That requires passion of every team member.

Delivering Beyond Expectations.

To use the talent of our exceptional people to combine their diverse backgrounds, skill sets and unique perspectives to move towards a single, unified goal; an unshakeable desire to deliver a service that exceeds all expectations.

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